Virtually Yours – Spring’s Serenade for Summer – Premieres July 31st, 2021

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Staff & Palette is proud to present “Virtually Yours – Spring’s Serenade for Summer”, a multimedia celebration of seasons in nature and life filmed at the Moss Arts Center in Blacksburg, VA by Jacob Dillinger, Neil Fox, and Cole Barrett of MNF Productions and premiering across social media channels on Saturday, July 31st, at 7 pm, including virtual program links, with virtual piano by Arshak Sirunyan, and voice, poetry, and paint by Rina Lucas.

For a little sample of the flavor of this show, click on the link below for the trailer:

Click here for the Full Premiere:

To view the Program:

To view the Program Notes and Translations:

Thoughts from the Artist:

“Everyone has stories. Mine are told through artistic expression. All of my creations are very personal, but this program is especially so. In many ways it is the story of my life told in paint, poetry, and voice. This journey of becoming, though nontraditional, is leading me to a place of compassionately knowing and accepting myself where I am while still striving to be better. It has led me to some interesting places, from the summit to the seashore…and back again. Like the seasons of the year, those in life also build upon one another. My late summer bloom is only as fragrant as spring’s delicate devotion to it. We become something new and exciting only because of what we have been willing to be along the way in each season. I hope as you experience this premiere with all of your senses, that you find yourself among the songs, paintings, and poetry as well.”

Rina Lucas




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