“This is Fifty”
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“This is Fifty”

We are delighted to announce that “This is Fifty”, a 24 x 20 oil portrait by Rina Lucas depicting her husband John upon his 50th Birthday was selected for inclusion in Artistonish Contemporary Art Magazine – November 2021 – Issue 16, a global, juried publication.

You can view a digital copy of the magazine here:

And printed copies of the publication can be purchased here:
Artist’s Statement 
“This is Fifty” – For John – Poem by Rina Lucas, Staff & Palette
I remember your face
The boyish good looks
Of a youth barely twenty
Confidence in his gaze
But shyness in his smile
How I fell for those eyes
Inviting me in
Asking me to stay
And I did,
I know your face
Only more handsome
As wisdom and time
Have traversed its features
From edge to edge
Confidence remains
Strengthened by achieving
You have ever set out to do
And then some,
I love this face
With everything that I am
And truly there is no tribute
Splendid enough
To extol all that you are
My trembling heart and hands
Are not worthy
Yet the inspiration
Of you
Bids me to humbly try
Honoring you
With my every effort
To celebrate
Your grand impact
On this planet
On your patients and students
On our lives
And on our love,
I am so glad
That during the darkest
Time of year
You graced this world
With your warm brilliance
A light was born
Fifty years ago
And it refuses to dim
It keeps burning brighter
This is Fifty
And it’s ablaze
With abundant possibilities.